ARCHON is smart compressor station control system. It provides control of variable count of compressors via digital signals or data bus. Basic characteristics:

  • independent of compressor brand,
  • reliable and modern Siemens hardware,
  • fully modular, equipped with a color touch panel,
  • RS485/Profinet connection to other systems,
  • integrated web server for remote monitoring.

The system can be equipped with a device for online measurement of actual compressed air flow consumption and/or compressor station power, incl. SD card datalogging.


Compressor control algorithm

The efficiency is the crucial characteristics of the compressor station. Modern compressors achieve very high energetic efficiency. Therefore machines developed by world leading manufacturers reach comparable performance and difference based on components brand is negligible. Higher efficiency can be achieved by installing frequency inverters, which adjust compressor performance to actual compressed air demand automatically. While using the state of the art components and sophisticated RPM control system can decrease the energy consumption by up to 35 %, the smart compressor station control can save much more energy.


Costs can be additionally reduced by uniform load of the compressors in order to minimize maintenance work for compressor station as a whole. ARCHON system offers several control strategies, which can be easily combined.

  1. Fixed priority control – is suitable for compressor stations with an in-depth audit carried out, where optimal sequence of compressor priorities was set or the machines ware prioritized by the technology demands. this priority is recommended for short time periods, when maximum performance is required.
  2. Uniform service hours – compressor priorities are set according to the minimal running hours, which leads to the same maintenance interval of all machines. It is recommended to be used in period with no need for maximal performance.
  3. Smart consumption-based control – ARCHON system starts the most suitable compressor according to the actual consumption of compressed air, so maximal energy efficiency is achieved.



You can use this tool to check the control parameters.

Note: ARCHON system is fully programmable. Software can be adapted to any application on demand.